The Art of Persuasion

It is no coincidence that when you walk into Woolworths, the smell of baking fills the air causing your stomach to grumble. Scent marketing has been used for many years; after all, my grandmother used the scent of dinner cooking to call her children home for the evening.

2020 – The Decade for Courageous Leadership

As the decade closed and the fires burned, we strategised the coming year for our brands. I’m analytical by nature and creative at heart, and love to create predictions for the coming years. One of my favourite predictions is the Pantone colour of the year, I usually at least get into the forecasts, and some years I nail it. Rather than a New Year’s resolution, I choose a word for the year to uphold. As we started a new decade, I went one step further and predicted for the world the word of the decade – courage. 


#KeepAustraliaWorking#coronavirus #covid19 as with any crisis has provided Australian’s with the opportunity to lead with purpose. Whether you are leading a team of 1000 or leading yourself, how we conduct ourselves during this time and for the months to come will leave a lasting impact.