The Art of Persuasion

It is no coincidence that when you walk into Woolworths, the smell of baking fills the air causing your stomach to grumble. Scent marketing has been used for many years; after all, my grandmother used the scent of dinner cooking to call her children home for the evening.

Leading from a Web-Cam

Most leaders are relatively confident when presenting face-to-face, even to large audiences when they perform on stage. However, many leaders need to improve their skills when presenting through videoconferencing. A phenomenon that has quickly become essential for many during this period of social distancing.  

I have spent a career training and preparing leaders to master communication. The following advice will not go astray post-COVID-19 as experts predict a major portion of the workforce will continue to work from home in a post-COVID-19 era.

Booming Beacons of Light during COVID-19

In the aftermath of COVID-19, some of the most unlikely industries and products have blossomed during adversity. As our money habits change and consumer behaviours shift, we give you an insight into Australia’s new normal.

Fostering Strong Teams

Despite the geographical separation most of us are suddenly grappling with, leadership is still about people. So in some ways, nothing has changed. The age-old principles still apply and great leadership is always about winning hearts and minds, communicating, and building psychological safety through fostering mutual trust, respect and support.

Talking Heads

I can’t do that. What! No, silly, you got this, what if don’t. It’s everyone else. What is wrong with me? I’m awesome! That depends… who is this?
Sounds confusing? That’s because it can be. Mind chatter and your internal monologue can be enormously overwhelming. If I was to ask you to lock yourself in your own mind for the day, would you take me up on that offer? Most people would probably decline knowing what’s in store from them.


#KeepAustraliaWorking#coronavirus #covid19 as with any crisis has provided Australian’s with the opportunity to lead with purpose. Whether you are leading a team of 1000 or leading yourself, how we conduct ourselves during this time and for the months to come will leave a lasting impact.


In today’s digital age, social media is an important business tool and communication channel, presenting leaders with both possibility and risk.


The time for business leaders to control their professional reputation was yesterday. All leaders within an organisation need to understand the impact that reputations can have on themselves…


If you have been following the news, the most recent landmark defamation case under Australia’s somewhat revised defamation laws, saw Adelaide Lawyer Gordon Cheng win $750 000 over a bad google review.