Learning how to juggle – balancing work and family life

A family member of mine recently described herself as a ‘Plate Spinner’.
Prior to Covid-19, this busy mother of two was working multiple jobs, studying for a degree in her ‘spare time’, juggling regular International travel in-between organising the home, the children’s many and varied extracurricular activities, and all whilst trying to further her career and build a business.
Then all of that stopped…

Making the switch to a plant based lifestyle

My best advice when just starting on your plant based journey is to not have unrealistic expectations that you are able to change a lifetime of habits overnight.  You would need to have a very strong willpower to instantly transition from a 3 times a day meat consumer into a fully raw vegan!

Leading in a post-Covid world

According to an ABC news report, the toll on mental health from lockdown fatigue and stress are staggering with a very conservative estimate of a 14% increase in suicide rates over the 2020 lockdown period.
Hence this is the time when we must step up and show leadership within our communities.  Our social and familial networks are looking for leaders to shine a light on a new pathway in an uncertain post-covid future. 
But how do we show leadership after lockdown?

Promoting a healthy second brain

A wonderful nourishing and healing food to try is bone broth.
The main difference between stock and a good broth is the length of time you cook it – the longer you cook the broth, the more minerals and healing amino acids are extracted from the contents.

Mushroom magic – a superfood for the stressed Executive

Have you ever rushed home late from work, the children are starving, and realised you forgot to defrost any meat from the freezer for dinner?  I know I have many times in the past and just resorted to buying takeaway because I was too tired and time poor to do anything else…

Voting Green With Your Wallet

As the world works to battle and heal in the face of the novel coronavirus, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented some unique silver linings. The earth is experiencing unforeseen environmental respite as waterways clear, and smog blankets lift; shining a light on how much we can achieve through the power of self-leadership.


Tennis plays a significant role in our household. My 10-year-old son is arguably the world’s greatest fan and an encyclopedia (or Wikipedia) of tennis facts. Even at his young age, I tell Scott he should join the commentary box. He’s also a solid player himself, competing in tournaments with the annual highlight being the Brisbane International, where kids get to compete alongside some of their idols.

Outstanding Leadership Awards 2020

With her trademark beaming smile Sonia McDonald stretches out her arms to hug me. “Hey Lovely, how are you?” she asks as I embrace her back. I go on to tell her about my morning juggling three kids on summer holidays and work deadlines. She ushers me over to a meeting room in an office we share in Brisbane’s CBD.

Opportunity Knocks

Today is the first day of your business life.

As leaders, we need to be reinventing ourselves every day to respond to our rapidly changing environment, and this is no different for business. With business strategies (and budgets) for this financial year in shatters, to survive right now you need to innovate rapidly.

Fail Early and Fail Fast

Most people are scared of failure. They think failure is symbolic of loss, non-success and disaster. I submit that it is the opposite of that – rather failure symbolises growth. It opens you up to learning, which opens you up to success. The earlier you fail, the earlier you learn, grow and get one step closer to your goal.