It’s not what you said it’s how you said it

Last night my partner and I had dinner at a friend’s place, and after with self-made apple crumble in hand, we sat down to play overcooked – a fun PlayStation game for kids and adults alike as we found out.  
The premise of the game is straightforward. Four players cook together as a team, serving up the orders displayed in the top left corner. One person runs vegetables to and fro, another cuts vegetables and cooks them, while the third person plates and serves the food, and the last person does the dishes, natural right? 

Lessons to my younger self

What would you say to your younger self about leadership? Becoming a confident and courageous leader is both an attitude and a process. Like many undertakings, developing the ability to lead is one that benefits from the experience. When it comes to gaining the insight that we need to lead ourselves and others, there is no substitute for experience.

Taking your seat at the table

As we move through our leadership career, often our career trajectory is headed for the boardroom. When looking to become a board member, how do you know if this is the right career move for you? Paid board positions are few and far between, and a board position can be very time-consuming. These roles also come with a high level of responsibility, accountability, commitment and risk. That being said, it can be an enriching experience if you are passionate about the organisation or not-for-profit’s purpose and people.

12 Questions for 2020

Starting my career as a journalist, I learned the power of a great, perfectly timed question. As I moved into leadership roles, I realised my job boiled down to three things: •Giving generously of my time and attention. •Listening with empathy. •Asking great questions.

Community triumphs over Covid-19

This week saw Australia Trusted Brands release its national and international winners chosen by Australian consumers. Winners include the likes of Vegemite, Qantas, Penfolds Wine, ING Banks, Weetbix and Toyota.

As a nation of big consumers, the COVID-19 pandemic has confronted us with changes that have not been experienced bar the treasured few who remember the world wars.

The Art of Disruption

Cutting through the noise in any market has become extremely challenging. Both established businesses, as well as startups, need to invest in innovative pathways of disrupting the market. Innovation requires you to cause chaos.