3 Reasons to Not Rely on Your Employer for Stress Solutions

We’ve been taught for decades that being stressed is normal.

There’s a perception that if you’re not stressed, then you’re not working hard enough, and the pressure is piled on for you to ‘lift your game’.

If others around you are struggling under the weight of the things they need to deliver, but you’re sailing along and having a jolly good time, then you’re not a team player.

9 Lies About Life That Lead You Straight to Burnout

It’s become normal – and something of a bragging point – to be able to point at how hard you’re working. It’s like we’ve confused being burnt out with being successful.
The second we adopted social media as a staple in our lives, we also adopted a highly visible way of life. We find ourselves enmeshed in a need to prove our worth, to show how busy and successful we are … every minute of every day.

It creates a false environment.

Learning how to juggle – balancing work and family life

A family member of mine recently described herself as a ‘Plate Spinner’.
Prior to Covid-19, this busy mother of two was working multiple jobs, studying for a degree in her ‘spare time’, juggling regular International travel in-between organising the home, the children’s many and varied extracurricular activities, and all whilst trying to further her career and build a business.
Then all of that stopped…

Why having fun is serious work!

Creating a climate conducive to learning is critical within organisations. Are there alternatives to traditional learning environments, and how might an organisation include fun within their education space?