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Flying under the radar proves for the best publicity
A sign of effective leadership is the ability to adapt, take criticism and learn from past mistakes. While Prime Minister Scott Morrison has received his share of criticism for his handling of the bushfire crisis, not all media say he's been doing a bad job, and some suggest that he has learned from his early missteps.
ByNadine McGrath
The government’s affinity for PR spin and marketing jargon hasn’t fared well as Australia’s leadership appeared to remain two steps behind the bushfire crisis. Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s handling of the emergency has seen him tarred and feathered both in Australia and internationally.
ByNadine McGrath
Reputation is a curious concept. Initially, it’s created by you and your approach to leadership: your feelings, your attitudes, your behaviours, etc.
ByAnna Charlton
As mental health takes precedence on the public agenda, the leaders fronting these conversations will often place their mental health on the backburner as they support others.
ByNadine McGrath
Coachable Moments
Coaching in the workplace happens every day, planned or not, and there is ample opportunity during daily interactions between leaders and teams. Being a strong and impactful leader requires identifying and taking advantage of these ‘coachable’ moments to improve your employees’ performance, workplace satisfaction, bottom lines and the company culture as a whole.
BySonia McDonald
10 ways to become greener in the workplace
1. Go paperless Transition all company mailing, resources and notices to digital versions where possible. This not only cuts expenses but drastically reduces your carbon footprint.
BySophie Stewart
It’s not what you said it’s how you said it
Last night my partner and I had dinner at a friend’s place, and after with self-made apple crumble in hand, we sat down to play overcooked – a fun PlayStation game for kids and adults alike as we found out.   The premise of the game is straightforward. Four players cook together as a team, serving up the orders displayed in the top left corner. One person runs vegetables to and fro, another cuts vegetables and cooks them, while the third person plates and serves the food, and the last person does the dishes, natural right? 
ByTim Tettenborn
Lessons to my younger self
What would you say to your younger self about leadership? Becoming a confident and courageous leader is both an attitude and a process. Like many undertakings, developing the ability to lead is one that benefits from the experience. When it comes to gaining the insight that we need to lead ourselves and others, there is no substitute for experience.
BySonia McDonald
Taking your seat at the table
As we move through our leadership career, often our career trajectory is headed for the boardroom. When looking to become a board member, how do you know if this is the right career move for you? Paid board positions are few and far between, and a board position can be very time-consuming. These roles also come with a high level of responsibility, accountability, commitment and risk. That being said, it can be an enriching experience if you are passionate about the organisation or not-for-profit’s purpose and people.
BySara Kay
Recycling is not a new Phenomenon
As leaders of all ages look at climate change and the impact they can make to reduce our carbon gas emissions, we should all consider our self-leadership and taking responsibility for our carbon footprint. We can't criticise leaders for their lack of environmental proactivity while leaving rubbish on the ground as we walk away.
BySara Kay