Bronwen Sciortino
Bronwen Sciortino
Bronwen shows people simple pathways to create happy, healthy & highly successful lives.
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Bronwen Sciortino is an International Author and Simplicity Expert who spent almost two decades as an award-winning executive before experiencing a life changing event that forced her to stop and ask the question ‘What if there’s a better way to live?’ Embarking on a journey to answer this question, Bronwen developed a whole new way of living – one that teaches you to challenge the status quo and include the power of questions in everyday life. Gaining international critical acclaim and 5-star awards for her books and programs, Bronwen spends every day teaching people that there is an easy, practical and simple pathway to creating a healthy, happy AND highly successful life. Sourced globally for media comment as an expert and working with corporate programs, conference platforms, retreats, professional mentoring and in the online environment, Bronwen teaches people how easy it is to live life very differently.

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The Economy of Enough
Keep It Super Simple
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Professional Mentoring

Do you really need a mentor? You do if you want to have your cake and eat it too … and YES – that is allowed! Creating a life that's perfect for you is no harder than learning how to get smart with how you live. Yes, it’s a good idea to take your future seriously, and YES that means you need to pay it some attention and do some work. But it doesn’t mean that you have to go through excruciatingly hard and painful periods of time to get to the other side. Find out more about the Simple Shifts Professional Mentoring Program by clicking the link below now.

Org. Health & Wellness

The quickest path to increased productivity comes from focusing on health & wellness. Stress, exhaustion and burnout are some of the greatest issues every organisation is now facing and 8 out of 10 employees now expect their employer to provide them with solutions. We're way past the point where generic solutions can have any impact, but with so many unique individuals, how can an organisation provide effective solutions that don't cost a fortune? Find out how you can create a unique, tailor-made solution for your organisation without breaking your budget by clicking the link below now:

Keynotes & Workshops

Stress, burnout and fatigue are some of the toughest issues facing your people – across every industry and in every country. You can either continue in the same way, and watch your people become more and more unhealthy, or you can choose to do things a little bit differently now and then watch as your organisation goes ahead in leaps and bounds. You don’t have to throw away everything to significantly change the direction you’re heading. When your people can easily find their way forwards, they become engaged and motived, which directly impacts productivity. Click the link to find out more:

Blog posts

5 Ways FOMO Fuels the Overwhelm of Being Busy

We’ve all felt it. The external, invisible power that drives us to do things we don’t really want to, just ‘in case we miss out’. All it takes is a blink, and suddenly our lives are full of over stimulation and information overload. We’re bombarded with marketing messages that tell us all the things that are wrong with us, how we got ourselves into the ‘mess’ we’re in, and of course, the exact steps we need to follow so we can ‘turn our lives around’.

If You Want to Start Over, Lose Control

Uncertainty. It’s like a massive black void sitting right in front of us. It’s wide and gaping and terrifying. … What if we take a step in the wrong direction? … What will that mean? … How will it look? … What will people think? We’re so afraid to step out of line, to get things wrong … to fail and have everyone see.

Normal Wasn't Working, Here's How We Move Forwards

Did we ever really know what ‘normal’ life was? Every day was full of noise and chaos, and we sped through everything without taking most of it in. We became unconscious about our actions, reactions and the impact that we were making – on both people around us and our planet. It was hard to breathe, but we pushed through anyway.

10 Lessons From a Previously Burnt Out Woman

Life can change in the blink of an eye. One minute, you’re enmeshed in everything you have going on, rushing from one responsibility to the next and barely remembering to breathe, because you have that much on your plate. In the next moment, everything is shattered, you’re broken and you can’t stop crying. I knew I was exhausted. I knew I needed to make some changes. What I didn’t know was that ignoring these two things could have such extreme impact.

Do You Wish Your Life Was Simpler?

Do you wish your life was simpler? Here’s what you need to know: Most of us have been taught that we have to push ourselves in order to be able to achieve anything significant. The old saying: ‘No pain – no gain’ has morphed into ‘No stress – no success’. We’re driven to achieve, to succeed quickly and in a way that is highly visible, so that we can provide social ‘proof’ of our success. We’re caught in a highly demanding way of living – one where we respond to demands from all corners of life at the same time.

3 Reasons to Not Rely on Your Employer for Stress Solutions

We’ve been taught for decades that being stressed is normal. There’s a perception that if you’re not stressed, then you’re not working hard enough, and the pressure is piled on for you to ‘lift your game’. If others around you are struggling under the weight of the things they need to deliver, but you’re sailing along and having a jolly good time, then you’re not a team player.