Lisa Lockland-Bell
Lisa Lockland-Bell
Vocal Coach for award winning artists.
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What we do

The Woman's Voice

The Woman's Voice is a space for you to land, deep dive, learn and practice how to access all aspects of your voice. With a focus on the physical, internal and collective voices, its here we will unpack and educate you on how everything from hormones, medicine, science, self-care, upbringing, language barriers, diet, mindset and lifestyle choices can all affect the woman's voice today. You see, like so many other layers in a busy woman's world the voice is not identified by just one thing. You are more than that!

Start-Up Package

After years of working with Women all over the world, Lisa has developed a package that is personalised and tailored to suit your needs and budget. Lisa will work with you offering comprehensive and innovative training ensuring you can step out, speak up and promote yourself and your business confidently. Includes: 3 x one on one sessions with Lisa Access to the Vocal Workshop (Online) Access to the PSM Meditation Program (Online) LLB Vocal Studio Workbook Your very own Vocal Package which will land on your doorstep including: The Voice Straw Posture Medic Vocalzone Tea Vocal Lozenges

Vocal Workout

With guided instructions set to music, the LLB Vocal Workout Series invites you to understand the resistance and discomfort to using your voice. The result of choosing either one, two or all of the video training modules, offers the opportunity for you to shed your “earth suit” and step into your “spirit gown”. Or for those who don’t relate to woo woo hippy language, you can expect to release habitual patterns that no longer serve you while strengthening your physical and internal voice. The workshop series will give you the tools to guide, enlighten and empower your voice.

Primordial Sound Meditation Program

If you are looking for the tools to rediscover your body’s own inner intelligence then join Lisa to learn Primordial Sound Meditation. An ancient technique that understands it’s not about forcing the mind to be quiet: It’s about finding the silence that’s already there and making it a part of your life. Practicing meditation on a daily basis allows us to weave silence and stillness into our mind and body to create a life of greater compassion and fulfillment.

High Impact Workshop

This 3D approach is an opportunity to spend time with Lisa and fast track your current situation/need(s). This 4 hour workshop is personalized and tailored to suit your needs. Perfect for: Team leaders looking to bring a new dimension to public speaking for their team. Includes: 4 hour workshop Available on sight & online

Executive Presence

Suitable for Individuals: CEOs, Management, Executives and Entrepreneurs Program Outcomes -Communicate | Engage | Contribute -Sustained Change -Unpack limiting cultural and self-belief systems -Higher degree of confidence and negotiation skills -Become a master of your vocal energy -Develop a voice that empowers others

Leadership Development

As a professional today you are expected to present confidently. You are called upon to lead meetings, client seminars, conferences and deliver pitches with ease and grace. While your team may be highly skilled technically, this does not ensure you feel 100% confident to impact effectively when speaking. This includes talking about yourself, delivering a pitch, reporting, team meetings, presentations or any form of media. This program is designed to unpack and transform your voice. From diagnosing your vocal style through to discovering the micro-elements of delivery you will learn it all.

Blog posts

So, does your voice have something to say?

A voice can tell a thousand stories and I’m not talking about the words you use in speech. I’m talking about the wealth of information your voice tells the world about your experiences, upbringing, education, cultural influence, self-belief system, adventures, heart break, trauma, unrequited love, social conditioning, enthusiasm…

Lighten up your jaw and roar

I think it is safe to say that we are all sensitive and emotional human beings. The current global crisis has certainly reminded me, and I dare say yourself, that we want back the thing we all took for granted, our basic human right to be happy and healthy. Unfortunately, the STRESSES of living through this modern world pandemic may be having a negative impact on the perfect body you were born with.

Let's get back to having a chat

A great leader is most powerful when they don’t think about communicating, they just speak from the heart. Every great speaker develops their craft from those “chit chat” conversations that happen in the corridor, at the water foundation, grabbing a coffee, at the boot of the car or even in the bathroom. These are the important conversations that you need to recognise and embrace as the authentic, believable foundation of your leadership journey.

Where the voice begins

Your voice is the common factor in every conversation. As a human being you use your voice all day everyday. So why do millions of people just like you, struggle when asked to speak in public? The action that generally gets overlooked when my clients are working towards becoming a confident speaker are their thoughts. I like to say, your thoughts shape your voice, if you control your thoughts you control your voice. Or what happens in the mind is reflected in your breath and visa versa.

The rise of the woman's voice

She has lit my fire that’s for sure! From the moment I heard her speak, I sat up to listen to her commanding, calm, confident and beautiful feminine tones. I had no idea who she was or where she had come from, but I could immediately feel the warm sunshine cracking through the glass ceiling.

Please, STOP hiding

This week, I was chatting with a client who is struggling to get out from behind the lectern and speak from the heart! She knows she is hiding. She knows it’s not serving her and it’s stopping her from reaching her goal of CEO, but she is stuck. With an upcoming speaking gig, we spent time talking about the reality of being asked to speak at an event.