Natasha Zervaas N.P.
Natasha Zervaas N.P.
Naturopath, Stress Specialist, Health Coach, Author, Speaker, Course Creator, Workshop Facilitator
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Natasha Zervaas - Australia’s leading stress Specialist!

Natasha is the Founder of the Green Secrets Holistic Health Clinic and School and is a degree qualified Naturopath and Health Coach specialising in Adrenal fatigue (stress and anxiety). 

Natasha is also a transformational course creator with her signature Program - 'The Stressed-less Woman'. 

Natasha is an Amazon and Kindle published author of the book “Intrepid Women”, as well as a speaker, workshop facilitator and creator of Nourish – organic whole body tonic teas.

Natasha believes her life’s purpose is to educate and support individuals who feel stuck in any area of their lives and have lost their sense of self, progress from feeling completely overwhelmed with life, to reigniting their passions, eliminating their stress, depression and anxiety. 

In fact, she feels purpose driven to serve others that have experienced physical, mental and emotional burnout due to her own past personal struggles.

This led to her studying multi modalities such as Naturopathy, nutrition and herbal medicine, before creating her signature products and programs based on natural and holistic plant medicine.  

Natasha helps each and every individual achieve success through healing holistically - mind, body and spirit...

How stressed are your Adrenals?
Intrepid Women - 12 Tales of Courage
What we do

Stress management - online coaching program

The ultimate stress management course for the busy working Professional. 6 training modules: I will show you how to create calm in 30 seconds or less. How to sleep like a rock and finally get a good night’s rest. Master your mindset and nurture your emotional wellbeing. Learn how to eat for maximum energy and balance your moods with Adrenal supportive foods. Lose weight, reduce inflammation and pain – look and feel amazing! Movement for life, regardless of age or fitness levels

FREE training!

Free stress management tips - "How to stop stress in its tracks - in just 30 seconds or less!"

Holistic Health Coaching

Naturopathic and holistic health Coaching Services Laboratory testing available for a wide range of health conditions. Contact Natasha for further information by scheduling a free 30 minute connection call and health assessment.

The Energy Reboot Protocol

The outcome of this Program: You will learn how to eat for maximum energy Reduce your inflammation and pain Improve immunity and most importantly, your quality of life!

Blog posts

Boost Your Immune System Naturally

The latest research shows, vitamin D3 plays an important role in immune function, and a deficiency in it is shown to increase your susceptibility to infection. Some studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency is even associated with a higher susceptibility of self-reported upper respiratory tract infections, tuberculosis, and influenza.

What legacy are you leaving your children?

The legacy I want to leave both personally and professionally is ultimately education – teaching the next generation how to heal themselves holistically in mind, body and spirit using nutrition and plant medicine.  What intrinsically motivates and gives me the greatest job satisfaction is the knowledge that I am passing this ancient wisdom on to the children of the future.

Learning how to juggle - balancing work and family life

A family member of mine recently described herself as a ‘Plate Spinner’. Prior to Covid-19, this busy mother of two was working multiple jobs, studying for a degree in her ‘spare time’, juggling regular International travel in-between organising the home, the children’s many and varied extracurricular activities, and all whilst trying to further her career and build a business. Then all of that stopped...

Making the switch to a plant based lifestyle

My best advice when just starting on your plant based journey is to not have unrealistic expectations that you are able to change a lifetime of habits overnight.  You would need to have a very strong willpower to instantly transition from a 3 times a day meat consumer into a fully raw vegan!

Leading in a post-Covid world

According to an ABC news report, the toll on mental health from lockdown fatigue and stress are staggering with a very conservative estimate of a 14% increase in suicide rates over the 2020 lockdown period. Hence this is the time when we must step up and show leadership within our communities.  Our social and familial networks are looking for leaders to shine a light on a new pathway in an uncertain post-covid future.  But how do we show leadership after lockdown?

Promoting a healthy second brain

A wonderful nourishing and healing food to try is bone broth. The main difference between stock and a good broth is the length of time you cook it – the longer you cook the broth, the more minerals and healing amino acids are extracted from the contents.