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Stewart Marshall
Stewart is a commercial software strategist, coach, author, speaker and translator of IT gibberish
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In the chaotic world of business technology, full of hype, spin, smoke and mirrors and gibberish, Stewart Marshall is an oasis of calm, clarity and common sense.


And he's here to help you create an exceptional digital future.


Say Goodbye To The Analogue 

Stewart helps business leaders cut through the chaos of the modern software and technology world so they can confidently embrace their digital today.


  • Author of the bestselling Doing IT For Money - A business leader's guide to improving profit per person
  • Over 30 years in ICT, commercial software R&D and digital transformation
  • Lead multi-million dollar projects
  • Created tools and solutions used by governments and thousands of businesses around the world
  • Educator
  • Judge for the Australian Business Book Awards


How He Can Help You

Practical Mentoring And Coaching

Creator of the FASES methodology, Stewart gives you the tools and insights to help you cut through the chaos and take control of your technology.


Empathy And Human-centricity

As a leading authority on creating and implementing commercial software, Stewart knows that if you're looking at the technology, you're very much missing the point.


He'll help you put your people at the heart of your organisation and give them all the tools they need to succeed.


No Sugar Coating

Stewart can turn can turn technical twaddle into easy English, gibberish and jargon into the meaningful and mainstream, and complexity and confusion into the orderly and the obvious.


Whether one on one, with the team or presenting at your next conference, his no-nonsense, practical approach will help you get on top of your team and their tech to deliver an exceptional digital future.

Doing IT For Money - A Business Leaders Guide To Improving Profit Per Person
What we do

Digital Leadership Coaching

Like it or not, the analogue days are past. These are digital times and modern businesses need digital leadership. Following the “FASES” system, and backed by his bestseller, “Doing IT for Money“ that’s helped thousands of readers, this program encourages you to put your people at the heart of your business and give them all the technology tools they’ll need. Tailored specifically to your needs, this program is an investment in you and your business that will give you the insight and confidence to guide your organisation towards an exceptional digital future.

How good is your Digital Leadership?

Do you have 4 minutes? Try my "Exceptional Digital Futures" quiz. Answer these few simple questions, and I'll send you a personalised response letting you know whether you're heading in the right direction and where, if any, there's room for improvement. By way of thanks for your time, I'll send you a free copy of my bestseller 'Doing IT For Money', that's set thousands of business leaders on their path to an exception digital future.


An inspirational, educational and entertaining speaker, and for anyone talking about ICT, software and digital leadership, that’s no mean feat! Stewart is a seasoned speaker and presenter, and has engaged audiences at Sydney University, RMIT and corporate events in Australia and Europe. Following the success of his bestselling book ‘Doing IT For Money’, Stewart is ready to help your leadership team leverage the technology revolution and deliver exception digital futures.

Blog posts


If you're a CEO, CFO, COO or similar, you can be forgiven for thinking that today's massive technology upheaval means everything is new. You're wrong though. Technology may keep changing, but the purpose it serves remains largely unaffected.

Sick Of Fighting Yet?

Who doesn't want a better tomorrow and a brighter digital future in our increasingly technological society? It's what the CEO, COO, CFO et. al. are leading the team towards right? One would hope so, but what if they're not?

Exceptional Digital Future Anyone?

Whether you're a CEO, COO, CFO or whatever, business today demands digital leadership. Those who haven't yet worked this out will very soon be little more than anachronisms, a vestige of a soon to be forgotten time gone by.

What's The Best Software?

The SaaS (Software as a Service) world is exploding and business buyers are spoiled for choice. But with so many options available, how do you choose the best solution for your business and more importantly, your team?