#KeepAustraliaWorking#coronavirus #covid19 as with any crisis has provided Australian’s with the opportunity to lead with purpose. Whether you are leading a team of 1000 or leading yourself, how we conduct ourselves during this time and for the months to come will leave a lasting impact.

Small businesses employ 44% of Australia’s workforce. As of 2019 more than 2.2 million of those businesses employ between 1-19 staff. We are witnessing an unprecedented and immediate impact on Australian small business. This has and is going to continue to result in the loss of jobs.

At this time small businesses need support to continue to employ their staff. So let’s ban together as small businesses, corporations, organisations and individuals to Keep Australia Working.

So if you are feeling there is nothing you can do as an individual to help small businesses, there is. If you are fortunate to be employed in a stable workforce, this is your opportunity to buy Australian made and not imported goods.

Support your local corner store, go to your local bakery, butcher, and fruit market instead of buying from the major chains. If you are well, have a barista-made coffee, support your local cafes and restaurants. By continuing to shop there and sharing that you do, you are helping Keep Australia Working.

Remember that social distancing isn’t social isolation, there is no need to hole up and lock the outside world out. Make a concerted effort to access the health information and updates you need but remember that scrolling through hundreds of hysterical social media posts and news feeds is detrimental to your headspace.

As an organisation, you can still train your staff using on-line and digital means keeping our trainers and coaches working. You can be planning and booking events, catering, training and getting ready for when we go back to the new normal.

As Australians, we are incredible at banding together in a crisis. Let’s not get caught up in the fear and disruption so that we forget who we are. You can be safe while still being kind. You can be safe while showing empathy for those less fortunate. You can make a choice today that Keeps Australia Working.

Sara Kay