Let’s get back to having a chat

Let’s get back to having a chat

A great leader is most powerful when they don’t think about communicating, they just speak from the heart.

Every great speaker develops their craft from those “chit chat” conversations that happen in the corridor, at the water foundation, grabbing a coffee, at the boot of the car or even in the bathroom. These are the important conversations that you need to recognise and embrace as the authentic, believable foundation of your leadership journey.

I see so many executives spending far too much time focused on the “wholly grail” of becoming a great speaker: Delivering a killer keynote! Yes, this should be A goal, but it’s shouldn’t be THE goal.

Public Speaking has become way to fancy, with complicated content, TED talk style delivery, death by overhead slides, manufactured tones, fast paced “get me out of here” downloads or over energised cringe worthy “Rah Rah” rants.

I’m here to remind you that to be taken seriously as an authentic “Heartfelt” Leader who delivers clear messages and has a strong connection with people, you need to come out of your office and start having a good old-fashioned Chit Chat.

Don’t you think it’s time to get out of your head? Wouldn’t you prefer to speak from the heart?

As Deepak Chopra said in his book The seven spiritual laws of success: “You must learn to get in touch with the inner most essence of your being. This true essence is beyond the ego. It is fearless: it is free: it is immune to criticism: it does not fear any challenge. It is beneath no one, superior to no one and full of magic, mystery and enchantment.”

This is the perfect space to make a deeper connection.

The next time you find yourself avoiding those special hallway moments, simply decide to actively create opportunities for those informal conversations to evolve.

In doing so you will take control of your style as a speaker, someone who makes a deeper contribution and you will become a Heartfelt Leader.


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Let’s get back to having a chat
Lisa Lockland-Bell