What’s The Best Software?

What’s The Best Software?

Business leaders, how do you know what the best software solution is?

Obviously, the people who sell things for a living are keen to give you their perspective, but they’re often far from objective. With literally thousands of new SaaS platforms coming online every year, you’re somewhat spoilt for choice.

Capterra, G2 et. al. will offer their opinion, but they have a minimum of ten of everything, or thousands if we're talking CRMs, and each has plenty of stars and many rave reviews.

A Typical Approach

What most businesses do is assign a reasonably senior staff member to take a look.

They might run a feasibility study.

Come up with a shortlist.

And then maybe select three or four for a demo or even a trial.

This means prospects are well over halfway through their buying process before they engage with the vendor to look at the finer details.

When they do, what they see are some offerings that all seem pretty much the same, and of course, that’s going to be the case. They are, after all, in the same market, solving very similar problems, so they all have much the same set of features and functionality.

But They All Look The Same

If that’s the case, and it generally is, how do you choose?

Well, it’s not that hard, and no, this is not a situation where you should be thinking about the price.

When it comes to software, the important lesson here is that IMPLEMENTATION IS EVERYTHING.

The best solution then is the one that helps you implement it effectively.

Train Your People

If the vendor or partner network can help you with training, evangelists, support and mentoring, you can lead from the front and encourage the team to get on board.

Do that, and you’ll get have the best software and the best value from your investment.

B2B SaaS vendors take note.

If you’re looking at the technology, you’re very much missing the point.

What’s The Best Software?
Stewart Marshall